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About Us

The world's first online lottery is based on 5th generation blockchain technology, providing the unlimited scaling system. EpicLotto is all about fair play and breathtaking experience, as well as the ability to launch your own online branch and earn a share of the game's turnover on a daily basis.

Open presentation

Benefits of this lottery

100% fair play The transparency of the game is ensured by open-source software. All the operations and all the processes are based on smart contracts, which are the foundation of its logic
No fraud Blockchain saves the entire event log in a distributed register, excluding any data substitution and deleting
Player anonymity The cryptocurrency makes your participation in the game and your profile data completely anonymous
Scalable system The unique architecture and interaction algorithm of the blockchain platform nodes are our basis; they provide the possibility of unlimited scalability of Epic Lotto
No fees and commissions No fees and commissions
Instant winning Smart contract automatically activates the payout process
Relictum Pro

Latest generation blockchain 5.0

EpicLotto gambling platform uses Relictum Pro cryptocurrency. For instant deposit and withdrawal of your winnings, register at EpicLotto and download the application to your device.

Relict Coin is a coin that is not related to external economic and political influences; it is based on complex mathematical algorithms that eliminate any inflation.

EpicToken (ET)

Epic tokens represent the intellectual property rights (IP) for the EpicLotto software code, issued in the amount of 3,200,000 ET and distributed during the corresponding stages of sales among early investors who are convinced of the transparency, manufacturability, and automation of EpicLotto

Referral program

You get the additional % from the purchased tokens of invited team members.

  1. line = 15%
  2. line = 10%
  3. line = 5%

Road map

Detailed economic concept and preliminary planning of EpicLotto milestones for 2020 - 2022

august • 2020

  • Closed sales round
  • Research and development of JokerBal EpicLotto Blockchain lottery based on smart contracts
  • Research and development of the website for lottery and token sale
  • Concept Development


  • Launch of Epic Token Sale
  • Launch of the advertising campaign
  • Launch of the first Epic Token 6/49 lottery based on the Relictum blockchain


  • Launch of the second EpicToken lottery
  • Research and development of JokerBal EpicLotto
  • Launch of the third EpicToken lottery, 7Plus EpicLotto
  • Launch of the fourth EpicToken lottery, Free EpicLotto

December • 2020

  • Start of research and development of Epic Global Platform For Gambling from Relictum Blockchain (Epic global platform for gambling based on the Relictum blockchain)

Early January • 2021

  • Marketing, platform development, continue of Token Sale

Late December • 2021

  • Launch of Epic Global Token STO

End of February • 2022

  • Launch of EpicGlobal platform for games on the Relictum blockchain

First round of sales

Join the start of the token distribution and additional bonuses from the EpicLotto project

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