The game consists of two number fields; using them together, you collect a ticket that will take part in the drawing. When drawing up a ticket, at first, you should select the first six digits out of sixteen (6/16), and in the second part of the field, you should select one of four letters (1/4). The drawing takes place every seven minutes; at the end of the drawing, the results will be reflected in your account in the My Games section, the All results tab.

The cost of one bet is $0.56, $1.12, $1.68, and $2.24 (0.000025 RBTC, 0.00005 RBTC, 0.000075 RBTC and 0.0001 RBTC).

Select 6 numbers from 1 to 16 and then one of the following letters: E, P, I, or C on the playing field. Next, indicate the size of your bet from $0.56 (0.000025 RBTC) to $2.24 (0.0001 RBTC), and choose how many times in a row you want to take part in the lottery. You can use fast number selection or collect the ticket by yourself. With fast number selection, you enter the part of the numbers by yourself, and the missing ones will be entered for you by the system after pressing the fast number selection button. The selected lines appear at the top of the form.

A maximum of 20 lines is available for purchase in a single draw. You can delete any of the lines by clicking on the X at the end of the line.

Choose tickets. The amount required for payment appears on the Create transaction button. Click the Create transaction button, and the money will be debited from your balance. If there are not enough funds on your balance, the system will offer you top up the balance and, if necessary, provide instructions.

Results Odds
6+1 1 to 32 032
6 1 to 8,008
5+1 1 to 17 472
5 1 to 4 368
4+1 1 to 7 280
4 1 in 1,820
3+1 1 to 2 240
2+1 1 to 480

Each category has a fixed payout ratio for the bet, so the prizes are always fixed, and the payout for each category depends on the bet you made. You can see the size of the coefficients for payments for each category in the table below.

Prize category Number of matches Coefficient Odds
1 6 (Six) numbers + 1 (One) letter correct 1000 1 to 32 032
2 6 (Six) numbers correct 500 1 to 8,008
3 5 (Five) numbers + 1 (One) letter correct 50 1 to 17 472
4 5 (five) numbers correct 10 1 to 4 368
5 4 (Four) numbers + 1 (One) letter correct 5 1 to 7 280
6 4 (Four) numbers correct 2 1 in 1,820
7 3 (Three) numbers + 1 (One) letter correct 1,6 1 to 2 240
8 2 (Two) numbers + 1 (One) letter correct 1 1 to 480

After the draw, the winning numbers and prize sizes will be published in the Results section. Immediately after the draw, your winnings will be credited to your balance, and the winning tickets will be reflected in the "My Games" section. The winnings will be credited to your RBTC wallet in the Relictum Pro app.

  1. Open your Relictum pro app (If you don't have a node you can download it here)
  2. Open dApps (Decentralized Applications)
  3. Select the RPayments (Relictum Payments) decentralized application in the list of all apps.
  4. Find your ticket in the list of transactions and click to the “Pay” button
  5. Payment will be taken place automatically in the currency that was specified in the conditions of circulation when buying a ticket
  6. 6. Payment will not be executed if you don’t have enough funds in your wallet